TEQCool introduce a new, unique cooling method

It has long been known that a lower core body temperature limits neurological injury caused by lack of oxygen during cardiac arrest, improves clinical outcomes and Quality of Life for those who survive cardiac arrest.

The world's largest scientific clinical study within mild hypothermia and Target Temperature Management (TTM2 with 1,900 patients) was published on June 17, 2021, in the New England Journal of Medicine (Nielsen et al, 2021).

In conclusion, the TTM2 study shows that the survival rate and clinical outcome after 6 months are equivalent between the hypothermia group of cardiac arrest patients who was cooled to a core body temperature of 33°C, and the second normothermia group of patients where cooling treatment was initiated only when the patient had reached the fever threshold level of  ≥37.8°C. (46% in this normothermia group were cooled to 33°C.)

TEQCool's cooling solution is an effective MedTech aid, specially adapted to maintaining normothermia and preventing fever in cardiac arrest patients by circulating fluid in and out of balloon catheters in the nasal cavities of the cardiac arrest patient, via a transportable cooling device.